Turks and caicos photo diary

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Eight stellar days spent in the Caribbean on a little island with my favourite people under the hot sun, tanning on the beach and pretending to be a mermaid even though I'm a horrible swimmer. We ate seafood and french fries under tiki beach umbrellas, ordered overpriced strawberry smoothies, went snorkeling which I suck at, got awful tan lines, explored, adventured and relaxed because we desperately needed some relaxing. We dressed up real nice, walked around the island, we got frozen yogurt, went grocery shopping which is a lot more fun than you think, got more frozen yogurt and spent all our time at the beach. Oh my favourite bit was getting my hair braided by the islanders. Sun kissed exfoliated skin, curly beach hair from the ocean and couple hundred photos later... I am so happy and feel so lucky I got to travel with my best friends. One lady called us "little girls being skanks" at dinner and it was awesome. She was obviously jealous of our high heels.

Davina xo

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  1. That place looks like paradise!! Btw beautiful pictures! You look awesome! kisses:D



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